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Emotional Triggers: Defintion and How to Manage Them

what is an internal trigger

Liminal moments are transitions from one thing to another throughout our days. Have you ever picked up your phone while waiting for a traffic light to change, then found yourself still looking at your phone while driving? Or opened a tab in your web browser, felt annoyed by how long it took to load, and opened up another page while internal and external triggers you waited? Or checked a social media app while walking from one meeting to the next, only to keep scrolling when you got back to your desk? Rather, what’s dangerous is that by doing them “for just a second,” we’re likely to do things we later regret, like getting off track for half an hour or getting into a car accident.

Self-Awareness: A Key to Addressing Internal Triggers

But with the right support and resources, individuals can effectively navigate these challenges and continue on their path to recovery. Recognizing external triggers is the first step toward managing them. This involves being mindful of one’s surroundings and understanding how different elements in the environment might affect their state of mind and emotional balance. Whether your triggers are emotional distress or a specific situation, it is essential that you know what compels you to use when trying to lead a life of sobriety. Understanding what triggers you to relapse and having a plan in place for these triggers are your first steps toward prevention.

what is an internal trigger

What It Really Means to Be Triggered

Discover a few of the more common triggers to help jump-start the process. The Safety Notch is a relief cut made in the tumbler at the base of the hammer, that allows the sear to catch and hold the hammer a short distance from the pin or cartridge primer, in a “half-cocked” position. Recognize that a Safety Notch used to “half-cock” a gun is an active feature that must be engaged and does not positively prevent accidental discharges in all cases.

Internal Triggers

  • Some parents respond to their child’s issues by becoming so overwhelmed with worry that the child has to stop to support and reassure them.
  • For example, dating someone who has wine with dinner might trigger an adult child of an alcoholic, who could become anxious and feel unsafe.
  • A therapist can help you identify and cope with your PTSD triggers in a safe and supportive setting.
  • Distraction erodes your day-to-day life and diverts your resources toward things that don’t really matter.

Of course, a safety mechanism’s primary purpose is to help prevent the accidental or negligent discharge of a firearm and to help ensure safer gun handling. A lot question whether or not today’s modern handguns will fire when dropped without a trigger press and I address that later. Most of us are familiar with the external thumb safety mounted on the rear of the gun’s frame or on the slide, depending on the handgun’s design. Some guns do not have a thumb safety at all, while others have multiple safeties. Some say they do not even want to mess with a safety on their gun and will not buy a gun with a manual thumb safety.

what is an internal trigger

Whereas external triggers are defined as people, places and things; internal triggers generally fall under hunger, anger, loneliness or fatigue. For those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, it isn’t uncommon for the affected person to return to alcohol or drug use. About 40-60% of those struggling with addiction relapse following treatment. A post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) trigger can include any sound, sight, smell, thought, or another reminder of a traumatic event.

External Triggers: A Comprehensive Overview

what is an internal trigger

  • It may feel like the easiest way to overcome it is to avoid it or pretend it isn‘t happening.
  • It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.
  • When we’re flooded with these emotions, we process inputs through the more basic part of our brain and not through the more sophisticated “executive management committee,” the prefrontal cortex.
  • Over 7 consecutive days, they reported a total of 294 intrusions.
  • Have you ever picked up your phone while waiting for a traffic light to change, then found yourself still looking at your phone while driving?

Internal vs. External Relapse Triggers

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